The Inspiration for SWAS

Stephen Woodcock at his second airsoft game.

Stephen Woodcock at his second airsoft game.

SWAS was only officially thought of about 4 months before launch, from the beginning, it was designed to launch at the end of June 2016.

The first notion of the business was thought of by my best friend, Stephen Woodcock, at his second airsoft game. The kindest, toughest and most amazing person you could imagine; someone who overcame all odds, fought back on life, strong when no other was, and could make a whole room roar with laughter with only few words.

We had a particularly high number of new airsoft players on site that day, and I was talking to quite a few of them about getting into the sport; recommending places to get things etc, then Stephen says to me "You are damned good at talking to people about airsoft, you should start up your own shop." to which I took no serious note. As the weeks went by he kept talking about it, so I thought I should give it a go. I designed a basic website and did a little research, before realising I might be able to do it. Exams then went on to take all priority, but sadly after a few weeks Stephen died from a sudden and unexpected heart attack. His death shocked me beyond belief, that something, someone, so big can just disappear within a moment, and I realised then that I needed to take life for myself and make the most out of the time we have on this earth. So, in memory of Stephen, I went full throttle forward with the SWAS business idea. The past few months has been crammed with hard work and dedication, to get to the point where we are now - a full up and running business, with a proper website, offices, storage and lots of stock. 

This was the Inspiration for SWAS, Stephen Woodcock.


Charles Sismey Williamson

Founder & CEO of SWAS