L85A1 SA80 Spring Two Tone Blue

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L85A1 SA80 Spring Two Tone Blue

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The Spring L85A1 Airsoft Rifle SA80 is a very sturdy and reliable airsoft gun which fires a single shot each time it is manually cocked . It is constructed from ABS plastic with metal parts throughout. 

It is a 1:1 replica of the first version of the British army's standard issue rifle.

This rifle is ideal for the new player and backyard shooting.

  • 1:1 Scale (approx 78cm length)
  • 280 FPS
  • Spring Action
  • High Quality ABS
  • 50m Range

In the box:
L85A1 SA80 Rifle in Blue

High-quality carry handle

Front Sight

High-cap Magazine

Small Bag of BBs


Additional Ammo:
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