SWAS isn't all about selling new products and other exiting items, we also offer an airsoft gun Servicing, Repairs and Upgrade service.


General service (cleaned, re-greased, shimmed, checked over for any wear and tear etc): £30.

Repairs (depending on the damage): £30 for labour + the cost of any parts needed.

Upgrades: £30 labour + the cost of any parts needed.

All prices are excluding shipping, this will be included into the quote we will give you due to the different sizes of guns as it is hard to have a set price for shipping on all guns.

(All prices are an estimate, if you require any of our services we ask that you contact us with as much information on the gun you want servicing, the problems or upgrades you want sorted as possible and we can give you an accurate quote. You can do this with the below form or the email address provided underneath)

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Alternatively if you need to submit more information or would simply prefer to email us our direct tech email address is: tech@swasairsoft.co.uk (The above form goes to the same place)