SWAS prides itself on the security of your information. Any card details or personal information shared with this us will stay 100% confidential and we would never share any of your information. We only collect data via cookies to help improve our website, though we do not hold any of your private information such as name or address for these purposes.

All of your information is handled by our website back end via Squarespace & all payment information is dealt with by either Stripe or Paypal which are both very secure services which means we do not directly hold any of your information protecting you if we ever have any technical issues.


All orders are packed safely and in non-suspicious boxes, this is so the package is not mistaken for anything suspicious or illegal.

UKARA & other legal issues.

Orders placed for RIF's will need a UKARA number and ID to prove that the buyer is of legal age to buy a RIF and also has a defence for owning the RIF. If you are a film producer or have other solid defence to own a RIF, it's best to contact us and seek out the best possible option. We will not sell any RIF to anyone without UKARA membership or a good defence to own one.