About Us

S.W.A.S is a new company with many products for sale, featuring brands such as G&G Armament, Nuprol and Zero One. We are currently developing three new products to bring to the already booming Airsoft market!

The sole owner and manager of S.W.A.S is Charles Sismey Williamson.

Charles is an Airsoft and Land Rover enthusiast, having played Airsoft for a good part of six years and displaying an interest in the sport for eight. 

Foreword From Charles:

"In my personal inventory I currently have an ICS L85 with all the trimmings and a TM MP5SD, with two side arms, a WE XDM and a KWA G18c. I regularly play at Finmere, R.I.F.T (coms site 3 and Cottenham) and also at MadDog from time to time, so if you see me at a game, please feel free to come and say Hi!

With regards to my love of Land Rovers: Ever since I turned 17, my dream car was a Land Rover defender 90, so for my first car I was fortunate enough to be able to purchase a 1993 Land rover Defender 90, before selling that and going on to buy my current Land Rover, which is a 2006 Land Rover Defender 90 TD5 Black Edition."

Our Misson

Our mission at S.W.A.S is to provide the best quality Airsoft products on the market, at the best possible prices. It is of paramount importance to us that we maintain excellent customer service to all. After all, we are humans, not computers, so we’ll treat you that way.