Guide to Airsoft part 4: Ammo

In the final section of this introduction to airsoft, I am going to explore variations of ammo.

The whole sport of airsoft is based around the BB. This is a small plastic 6mm ball bearing, which we love to shoot at each other (with safety equipment in the picture, of course)!

There is more to the standard airsoft BB than most people think, they come in all different weights, sizes and brands.

To begin with, the weight of an airsoft BB is very important, we always encourage players to never use .12g BBs as these are usually low quality and can break even the toughest airsoft guns. For beginners we recommend using .2g BBs and as you progress to more powerful and expensive guns, its best to purchase .25g BBs.

There are a few different sizes of BBs that you might find in the airsoft world, but the most common is 6mm, however, you can get 8mm BBs for guns which require them but the vast majority is 6mm in diameter. 

Finally there are many different brands of BBs in the airsoft world, and the favourite in the airsoft community always changes. The most commonly used currently are: Zero One Blitz BBs or ASG Blaster BBs. We would recommend using Zero One Blitz BBs as we find these to be the best on the market currently.