Here at SWAS we pride ourselves on being innovative and giving the customer what they want.

Because of this, we have created our own tailored custom gun service. This is where we take post-market parts or an existing airsoft rifle and build/customise it to the full extent that you require. We can completely rebuild a gun or simply upgrade certain parts in line with your request. 

E.g. long range, 350 FPS, 20 RPS, M4, plenty of rail space etc and we create the perfect gun for you, either with a base model of gun, such as G&G, G&P, KWA etc, and build onto that, or we build the gun from the ground up. It's completely up to you and the whole build is only limited to your budget.

So, if you would like to create your perfect gun, but without all the hassle, contact us and we will discuss making your dream come true!

Sadly we are unable to manufacture any parts or full guns due to time and resource constraints, so we are only able to build gun with parts that are already on the market.

Please read the above text before contacting us, we do require a basic level of information on what sort of rifle you would like us to build and the aim of the custom build, so please be as specific as you can in the below form.

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