Nuprol Green Gas 2.0 & ASG Blaster .20g 3000 Bundle

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Nuprol Green Gas 2.0 & ASG Blaster .20g 3000 Bundle

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Nuprol 2.0 Green Gas and ASG's 3000rd Blaster Bottles are the most commonly used combination in airsoft with Nuprol's incredible gas performance and ASG's amazing blaster ammunition you will certainly get the most out of your airsoft gun! 

NUPROL 2.0 is designed as a replacement for standard Airsoft green gases and will boast a significant increase in overall performance.

Recommended for use in ALL WE EUROPE Pistols & Rifles.

Brilliant gas for any gas Airsoft gun, will work at normal tempratures, for colder tempratures (which is usually the case in the UK!) have a look at Red 3.0 or Black 4.0 Gas.

Blasters are the most popular and trusted Airsoft BB brand in the UK.

They are known for their reliability & accuracy, along with extremely high manufacturing tolerances creating the ideal airsoft ammo.

Blasters are manufactured to within 5.97mm +/- 0.01mm diameter.

The BB's are actually coated with a special coating creating a smoother surface and no loss of compression when shot.

If you are looking for an ammo to improve the performance and reliability of your airsoft rifle, you have found it.

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