11.1v 1000 mAh 20C/40C LiPO Airsoft Battery Vapex

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11.1v 1000 mAh 20C/40C LiPO Airsoft Battery Vapex


All Vapex Airsoft Batteries are optimized for airsoft use with there longer life and higher output.

108.5 x 15.8 x 18.2 mm weight 62g

Supplied with a standard female Mini-Tamiya style connector with flexible 16AWG high temperature, silicon wire and balancing lead with a 3 pin JST-XH connector.

11.1v LiPO's are some of the most powerful batteries you can get in airsoft and not all guns are compatible or can take the voltage. Please ensure that your RIF is 11.1v LiPO ready because if not you can very easily ruin a RIF running an 11.1v LiPO if it is not made for them.

The 11.1v 1000mAh LiPO is a one of the larger 11.1v LiPO's and is made to fit into larger battery compartments, due to the higher mAh this battery will last longer than others.

LiPO batteries are cheaper to run and have a much higher output than NiMH batteries as well as a longer life but you need to be very careful to make sure not to run them completely flat and remove from RIF once the trigger response and ROF drops and then re-charge to half way for storage and full for use again.

You must also ALWAYS use a LiPO CHARGER if you do not and use a NiMH charger you run the risk of the battery literally exploding as these are made of lead and acid and need a balance lead on a charger to ensure that they are charged properly. We do also sell liPO chargers on our website.

* Please check if your airsoft gun is compatible with this battery and the voltage, we do not accept any responsibility for damage caused by you using this battery, please contact us if you are unsure!

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